What to wear for your session

What we wear has an impact on how we feel.   Think of yourself in a suit or a ball gown - while it may look great for an occasion, that's not really how you dress when you're just being you.

When choosing something to wear, have a look in the mirror and ask yourself what do I see first - the clothes or my face? That's a good rule of thumb - we want to see the person and not the outfit. As you can imagine, big flowery prints, large logos, stripes etc, can be very dominant and mask the person wearing them.

Instead, think of pastel colours. Light coloured , plain clothing is great - it won't date and will allow you to shine through. Jeans and a light coloured shirt or t-shirt are great. If you love really bright colours, try and stick with block colours. And having everyone in complimentary colours looks great. 

Remember, your portraits will hang on your wall for a long, long time. So it's good to give your clothing choices a bit of thought. If unsure, we are at the end of the phone or email to help and advise in any way we can.

You will have access to a private green room for the duration of your shoot where you can change, so please feel free to bring a couple of clothing choices and the photographer will advise as to what will look best. Have a look at the photographs on this page to get an idea of what others have worn to their photoshoots.

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